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"I’m currently studying nursing in RMIT. I came to Australia with the help of another agent, however, I found out studying and living in Australia will be another chapter of my life because it’s difficult when I first came to Australia to start a new life and meet new people. Luckily I got the chance to meet my present agent JJ through my friend. JJ was really supportive by the time and gave me a lot of useful information about my study even my life in Australia, I really appreciate what they have done for me, even to this day we still keep good connections with each other, because they always treat me like a family member and I also enjoy talking and being friends with them. Thanks for JJ, my life and my study became better in Australia." - Mengqi Xing ( Academic Guidance & Services)

“ I was very fortunate to have chosen JJ International Education Consulting as a consultant to guide my daughter from choosing the school to an arrival in Australia. I am truly touched by the sense of responsibility of the JJ members when my daughter has come across difficulties in the visa issuance to study abroad. I was overwhelmed when JJ proved their skills, and my daughter also feels reassured, having a second family in Australia! JJ has then helped me to get my tourist visa to visit Australia and have personally taken care of us upon our arrival!- Cao Hong Van ( Academic Guidance & Services)

“JJ International Education Consulting was extremely helpful and professional in preparing me for my academic journey at Central Queensland University. Trusting this company in handling my affairs, I have kept in contact with the JJ members throughout my whole time in Australia. JJ helped me with internships and even provided great assistance in applying for a Permanent Residence for my family and myself. ‘A to Z’ service! Thuy Dang ( Academic Guidance & Services, Migration)

“JJ International Education Consulting was not just a professional consulting company I expected it to be. I have received a lot of assistance and guidance with the whole process. However, what made me appreciate the JJ Team somuch is that they cared about me even more once I arrived in Melbourne! On my first birthday away from my family, JJ was kind enough to congratulate me and arrange me a mini birthay dinner! I couldn’t be more thankful for such a treatment!”- Nguyen Nhat Minh (Academic Guidance & Services)

“It’s been many years of facing challenges and difficulties to achieve the life I’ve always wanted my family and I to have in Australia. I am beyond grateful to JJ Team to guide me on every step of this journey and care about me, just like a family!” - Jessica Truong ( Now a Permanent Resident in Australia- Migration)