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Due to Australia’s prestigious educational system and consistent improvement in the quality of life, many are drawn to study here every year. With a culturally diverse population, there are endless opportunities to explore and learn, whilst also gaining new outlooks on living standards, business ideas and development. Therefore, with many knowing limited English or Australian culture, we seek to provide comprehensive consultation services for all the educational needs ranging from enrolment to the general information of Australian schooling system. By aiming to make studying abroad as easy as possible, we are driven to provide students with a peace of mind in pursuing further education in Australia, knowing that all other aspects will be taken care of by a group of professionals who care!



Education and Career Consulting.
Discussion of your ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ education experience is important to us. This will help us to understand you more in terms of your aspirations, goals and what exactly you want to achieve from this experience. We will then direct and advise you the pathways you could consider to obtain your long-term educational and career goals. All the guidances showcased to you will be based on your qualifications, desires and individual circumstances

Academic Selection.
We offer advice and enrolment services for a wide range of education opportunities including universities, vocational schools or programmes, private colleges, schools and English courses

Offers, Admissions and Visa Assistance.
We will help you to arrange the documents for your application and guide you through the whole process. Once you receive your Acceptance Letter, we will direct you on what documents you need and how to prepare for the interview for your visa. This will also include our help with tuition payments.

Study Abroad Loan and Scholarships Assistance.
We always have the right tools in hand to be equipped with the latest information on scholarships or effective ways to get a student loan. If you are interested in these aspects, you should definitely speak to us about it!

Pre-departure and Post-arrival Services.
Once we are your consultants, we care about your status from ‘start-to-finish’. This means, we do not only offer services, such as airport assistance, booking airplane tickets, accommodation services; but also provide direct free assistance upon your arrival. We have representatives in Australia that are ready to be at your service whenever you need us!

Visa for relatives and parents.
In addition, we can help your parents to get a visa to visit you and your new study location, too!

Legal and Immigration Assistance.
We have successfully arranged hundreds of desired visas for our clients and helped them to start their career in Australia after their academic journey. Not only that, we are committed to solve  difficult legal issues our students may face.

Organizing Conferences and Meetings.
We constantly organize conferences and meetings in various locations as a representative of many top universities/schools to connect with students who are in the process of looking for the best academic option